A Weekend In Venice

Venice. A true little adventure. Famous for it’s canals and Renaissance buildings. Venice is a place where getting lost is the best way to truly explore as by just wandering around aimlessly you’ll find all the landmarks, discover hidden restaurants (some restaurants are merely a waiter serving tables in the street from a hole in the wall) and experience street musicians.

Venice has a certain charm to it that can’t be found elsewhere; perhaps it’s the lack of roads and car noise or the feeling of ‘home’ that you get, even after a day.


Panorama of Piazza San Marco

There are plenty of things to do and see in Venice:

Gondola Ride

Rialto Bridge

Basilica di San Marco

Squero San Trovaso

Doge’s Palace

The Market

Bridge of Sighs (so-called because prisoners would sigh when crossing as they saw Venice for the last time).

Taste local cuisine (absolutely divine, seafood is popular due to fish being easy to catch and cheap). When it comes to Italian, straying away from the typical pizza, spaghetti bolognese (traditionally served with tagliatelle), carbonara and lasagne is encouraged as Italian cuisine is so much more.

Drink the wine. (Un bicchiere di vino rosso della casa per favore- the only phrase you’ll need!). Aperol Spritz is the local drink, however must be an acquired taste as it is not the nicest of flavours.

See a show at one of the many theatres. Or an opera at the Teatro La Fenice, probably one of the most famous theatres in the history of Italian theatres.

Tour the museums, churches and palaces. You might struggle to see them all in one weekend, so a bit of planning might be needed if you wish to see specific ones.

Ride on a Vaporetto, which is basically a water taxi.


A weekend is all you really need in Venice as the entire place can be walked around in a day. A long weekend would allow enough time to see and do most of the things listed above. Although, saying that, you could spend forever in Venice as there’s something about it that makes you never want to leave!


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