Lake District, Cumbria

The Lake District is a paradise for those that enjoy stopping to take a picture of the view. There is nothing but ‘views’. Calm lakes that shimmer in the sun and sweeping hills of luscious green. The greenery is helped by the fact that Cumbria is one of the wettest places in England, so be sure to take a raincoat when visiting. Also, if hiking, be sure to check the weather to avoid too much rain and fog (fog is great if you don’t mind getting lost). For hikers, wild camping is allowed in some areas of the National Park- be sure to read up on camping etiquette; this will help with keeping you out of trouble and to help preserve the countryside. Rules like only staying in one spot for a night (stops the grass dying which happens when tents cover grass for long periods), taking litter with you (seeing rubbish over the hills and floating down rivers or on lakes will hurt the wildlife and spoil the views) and not lighting fires.

Lake District is home to Lake Windemere and Scafell Pike (it’s highest point). As mentioned earlier, exploring the many trails and paths is the best way to take in the breathtaking views that the Lake District has to offer. So the best way to encourage people to the Lake District is through photos…


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