New York City

The Big Apple.

The City That Never Sleeps.

Just another city; noisy, crowded and full of people trying to go to work or sightseeing tourists. Now, that could be interpreted as a negative statement, however once you see the city and not the “Hollywood” version, New York could be any city in the world.

As a city, New York is full of culture, history, famous landmarks and near enough anything a person could possibly want or need.

Of course, you have The Empire State Building which seems to be “the place” for aliens and monsters to attack (King Kong and the Daleks for example). But for when The Empire State is not being threatened, it makes for a great place to take in the sounds and skyline of NYC.

Not to just single out the one landmark, there is also chance to see a (now oxidised) copper representation of freedom and democracy, The Statue of Liberty, a friendship gift from France. Tourists can choose to view from afar or make the journey over to Ellis Island and go up the Statue. However, booking is needed to go in the crown.

Food in the city is incredibly diverse. For a weekend trip, experiencing American food is enough. With big name restaurants all over the place, it is tempting to try each in their home country. It is said it would take around 22 years to eat at every place the city had to offer, therefore travellers will have to pick and choose to go places to get their own little taste of New York.

3 in 1

The city is seeped in history. Perhaps NYC could be considered a young city (say, compared to London), however there is still loads to learn. A bus or walking tour could begin to cover some of its history to give a starting place before delving deeper.

If history is not an interest, there are over 300 theatres in New York and the world famous Broadway; there’s bound to be something showing to cater to every interest. Perhaps sports is preferred, New York is home to the (basketball) Knicks, Nets, (football) Giants, Jets and Buffalo Bills (baseball) Yankees, Mets, (ice hockey) Islanders, Buffalo Sabres and Rangers. However, some home grounds are based in New Jersey.

In all, a long weekend in New York is enough and not nearly enough at the same time; depending on how far past the surface one is willing to scratch.

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