The Sunshine Coast

“The Sunshine Coast” not necessarily a place name to be associated with a country known for rain.

Just over an hour from London by train, Eastbourne is perfect for a day out or perhaps a long weekend.

With an average age of 71, despite being home to a University campus, Eastbourne is often thought of as just being a place where people retire.

However, Eastbourne has quite a lot to offer.

Walkers can enjoy the miles of promenade and those who fancy going further can ramble up to Beachy Head (where there’s the opportunity for a drink or a meal in the pub; or on sunnier days, the ice cream man may be parked up). Even further still, the Seven Sisters National Park and the South Downs Way. There’s a bus that follows this route so walking isn’t the only way to take in the cliffs and rolling countryside.

In Eastbourne itself, there’s the pier. The pier is lined with arcades, a bar and restaurant, a tea room, fish n chip shop and sweet shops. Two ice cream parlour are nearby, perfect for ice cream lovers who want something more substantial than a 99.

When the day isn’t so sunny, Eastbourne has multiple theatres, an art gallery, an impressive and in-use bandstand and an old Art Deco cinema. *At time of writing* The shopping centre, The Beacon, is still under construction but the open section, the Arndale Centre and the high street boast a large selection of shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs; enough to please foodies and shoppers alike. (Particularly the soup place and the Italian restaurant along the road from the Arndale entrance.)

Nights in Eastbourne can be fairly quiet. Mondays and Wednesdays can get busy due to being ‘Student Nights’. The high street is home to 3 clubs and a few late night bars; pubs often close around 11:30 and only a few have a late license.

The one thing that cannot be missed is sitting on the beach, facing the white cliffs, watching the sunset. The peace and beauty of it means this daily event should be a staple in anyone’s trip itinerary.

So enjoy!

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