Summer In February?


Temperatures this week have been double the UK national average for February, so the perfect time to get in some early ‘summer’ photos.

Temperatures records have been broken across the UK so far this February with many places recording over 20C for consecutive days. This being a stark contrast from last year’s ‘Beast From The East’ that brought freezing air and buried the UK under a thick layer of snow.

Blue skies and tshirt & shorts weather in February seems wonderful initially, until put into context. What if temperatures in July were double the UK national average? Perhaps people might be more aware that such high temperatures are not normal and may be part of a bigger issue.

The issue that will be referred to the most is climate change; climate change coupled with global warming has received lots of attention recently. Since the Industrial Revolution, human activity has increased the volume of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere subsequently raising global temperatures by roughly 1C. Scientists predict that without intervention, this raise in temperature will reach 3C by the 22nd century; for example resulting in melting ice caps, rising sea levels, extreme weather more frequently, drier summers = less successful crops and high migration away from coastal towns and cities due to flooding.

Hence, The Paris Agreement, where countries aim to keep the temperature rise to below 2C from pre-industrial levels. Changes such as electric cars by 2040 (no new petrol or diesel cars will be sold), the recent argument against fast fashion, the increase of renewable energy sources, and people being persuaded against buying a gas cooker.

The fight against climate change is where the phrase “Little Things Mean A Lot” really will make a difference.

Photos taken along Eastbourne seafront.

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