Summer And Ice Cream- The Perfect Combination

Now that summer is in full swing, ice cream is the easiest and tastiest way to cool down in a hot day.

Ice cream lovers, the perfect holiday awaits! Devon is full of ice cream parlours, dedicated cafes and food trailers. The majority of which sell Devonshire ice cream; spectacularly creamy and full of flavour. Made with local milk and produce.

Cornish ice cream is a strong contender, just across the county boarder, however Devonshire wins on creamy deliciousness. However, some Cornish ice creams match Jersey ice cream (so creamy that it literally puts the ‘cream’ into ice cream); there are so many local ice cream makers that it is impossible to split ice cream into Devon and Cornwall. If there’s time available, hopping across into Cornwall, to try some of their ice cream to taste the difference, should be done. Taste buds vary and some might prefer it, or one of the Cornish factories might make a flavour that just cannot be found in Devon.

And! Not just ice cream in a cone or a tub! Ice cream served with pancakes, waffles, fruit, sweets and chocolates, nuts, or sauce in a bowl, on a plate, as a milkshake,in a napkin to hold, or as a good old sundae.

The best part about locally made ice cream is that the smaller companies are more likely to be experimental with their flavours and each company makes slightly different flavours to the rest. For example, Jaffa Cake, coffee, strawberry yoghurt, orange Quattro or popcorn.

Then, if after eating nothing but ice cream for the entirety of the holiday something lighter is needed, then sorbet is also available!

Don’t forget the flake!

(not my images)

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