Holt To Sheringham Steam Railway

A perfect day out with the opportunity to travel on an old steam train in an original carriage and to avoid the hassle of finding a parking space in the busy seaside town of Sheringham.

Eastern Belle Steam Train, Sheringham to Holt

The station workers are all dressed as they would from the steam age. The platforms, ticket offices, lights, benches, signage and colour schemes make visitors feel as though they are taking a step back in time.

Sheringham Station

Sheringham Station

This experience is a far cry from the trains of today, where the “approaching a station” speed is the same speed of this train’s entire ride. Although the slower speed takes a bit of getting used to, it’s understandable as there’s more time to take in the scenery and just enjoy the journey itself. There’s no rush and the staff are happy to help, chat or teach about the railway.

A variety of carriage styles are on offer; the dining car (buffet car), first class, second class, carriages with compartments (like those on the Hogwart’s Express), individuals seats, benches, seats with tables, space for wheelchairs…

The train line stops in Weybourne, and travels across rolling countryside, a golf course and shortly alongside a quiet country lane.

Don’t forget to wave!

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