Day Out: Kennedy Space Center


“Explore attractions and be inspired” is what their website says and, honestly, could not be more true. Even those who do not have much interest in rocket science will walk away thinking about their potential to become an astronaut. The Kennedy Space Center is based in Cape Canaveral, a short drive from Orlando, so can easily be included in a holiday to Disney World. Although not exactly budget friendly as day passes for a family of 4 amounts to $208, it is definitely worth it. Daily passes include meeting an astronaut ($30 per adult and $16 per child extra for lunch with an astronaut), 3D IMAX film of a rocket launch, bus tour of NASA launch site, shows, and a journey to Mars experience. Also, visitors can wander round the various exhibits displaying the history and future of space travel. Upon entry, visitors can marvel at the sheer size of the rockets and can learn the history of NASA and space travel as a whole. Well-timed visits could also mean the opportunity to see an actual real-life rocket launch!

At extra cost, the center offers an ‘Astronaut Training Experience’ where visitors can work together to land a space shuttle, try anti-gravity, space walk, harvest veg on Mars and much more. This truly fits the “be inspired” part of the website tag line as it’s hard to walk away and not submit an application to become an astronaut!

The Kennedy Space Center is too much to do in one day so pick and choose what you really want to do, and if budget isn’t a bother then a second day is probably the best option.

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