Brighton, East Sussex

Brighton, like Eastbourne, is a seaside destination within an hour and a half train ride of London. Thameslink runs a service straight to Brighton station.

Brighton, the place where anything goes. A city full of students, hipsters (Brighton is rated #1 hipster capital in the UK) and just about anyone and everyone really.

During the day, especially a sunny day, Brighton is usually heaving with people. The lanes and pier get particularly crowded, so if you prefer a quieter trip, stick to the wider roads.

Now, travellers on a budget or travellers in general, the rides on the pier cost an eye watering amount- ranging from £3-7 per person for a single ride. Although, wristbands can be purchased (not sure of the amount). As well as the rides, the pier is home to many tourist shops, a restaurant/ bar, a fish and chip takeaway/ restaurant, an amusements, and multiple ice cream, donuts and sweet shops. The perfect photo opportunity is definitely at night after the lights have been turned on!

Get lost in the lanes. The easiest way to explore the lanes is to just get lost. The little shops, the big shops, the somewhere in the middle shops, cafes, pubs, bakeries, antiques, restaurants and completely unique places that just need to be experienced. Living up to Brighton’s hipster reputation, the lanes are totally instagrammable.


View from Brighton Racecourse

Brighton is also home to a racecourse, a Greyhound course (Hove), marina, sea life centre, arcades, escape rooms, crazy golf and much much more.

Come the evening, there are plenty of restaurants that cater for all kinds of diets. Unless there’s no particular preference of restaurant, prior booking is advisable.

Come the later evening, Brighton is home to pubs and bars galore. (After 3 years of later evenings and day long pub crawls, there are still loads more places to go) Quiet bars, noisy bars, music bars, pub nights, LGBT+ nightlife, socials, student nights, theatres, comedy events…the list goes on. Brighton is a very social and accepting place so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone!

Come the night time, there’s also an extensive list of clubs and late-night bars to choose from. Live music, DJ sets, all night parties and crawling home at 7AM.

And of course, a post-night-out hangover fry up is bound to be available at any open cafe nearby! (Conveniently, there’s Buddies, a 24hr cafe on the seafront that serves up restaurant quality dishes.)

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